Gilbert's Kosher Foods Ltd
Telephone Number: 01908 646787
Fax Number: 01908 646788
Contact Email:
Address Line 1: Kestrel House
Address Line 2: Mount Avenue, Mount Farm
City: Milton Keynes
Postcode: MK1 1LS
Gilbert's Kosher Foods operate from a 27,000 sq. ft. EC approved plant having attained BRC at the Global A level. Its customer catalogue includes Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, and HM Government. We are sanctioned by the Sephardi Kashrut Authority. The company produces approximately 100 tons per month of both cooked meat delicatessen and fresh meat cuts for butchers, caterers and supermarkets.
Great Food & GOSH!
Telephone Number: 01908 641 274
Contact Email:
Address Line 1: Unit 1 Europa Business Park
Address Line 2: Maidstone Road, Kingston
City: Milton Keynes
Postcode: MK10 0BD
Hollyland Bakery/ Michaels Pitta
Telephone Number: 020 8493 9933
Fax Number: 020 8493 9909
Contact Email:
Address Line 1: Unit 4, 6-7 West Mews
City: London
Postcode: N17 0QT
Manufacturers of White, Wholemeal Round and Burger size Pittas. Can be supplied ambient, frozen and long-life. Free of GM additives, preservatives and colour and flavours.
Kosher Deli
Telephone Number: 020 8381 4450
Address Line 1: Unit 21, Claremont Way Industrial Estate
Address Line 2: Claremont Way, Cricklewood
City: London
Postcode: NW2 1BG
Me Too! Foods
Telephone Number: 020 8830 8585
Contact Email:
Address Line 2: North West London
Me Too! Foods is a Kosher food manufacturing company. We strive to offer the UK Jewish community a choice of locally made products that are fresh and taste just like they are home made. The Me Too! range of products includes four different flavours of houmous, fresh soups, salads, falafel, and dips. The entire range is vegetarian and Parev, and almost all of the products are gluten-free. Me Too! Foods has quickly found its way onto the shelves of most Kosher food shops. Our products are fun, fresh and, most of all, delicious!
Mr Bagels Factory
Telephone Number: 020 8533 7553
Fax Number: 020 8533 9633
Contact Email:
Address Line 1: Ozel House
Address Line 2: 52 -54 White Post Lane
City: London
Postcode: E9 5EN
For more than 20 years Mr Bagels has been baking healthy and tasty bagels with the finest natural ingredients. Available as Plain, Onion, Poppy, Mutigrain, Sundried Tomato, Cinnamon & Raison just to mention a few of the wide range. Also available as gas-flushed for longer shelf life. All bagels are Pat Yisroel
Spice Way UK Ltd
Telephone Number: 07815 832445/07956 301205
Fax Number: 01923 85 9374
Contact Email:
Address Line 1: 10 Beech Avenue
Address Line 2: Radlett
City: Herts
Postcode: WD7 7DE
Spiceways natural products and special blends hold the secrets of fifty years of experience in growing, drying, blending and marketing herbs and spices to improve quality of life