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 on 11 March, 2014

The Sephardi Kashrut Authority has great pleasure in informing the public that it has been working very closely with McCain  to ensure that the following products ARE NOW KOSHERALL PRODUCTS ARE PAREV.                                             

McCain Home Fries


McCain Oven Chips


McCain Micro Chips


McCain Jacket Potatoes


McCain French Fries
McCain Hash Browns (latkes)


McCain Smiles


McCain Wedges



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McCain Wedges (the range is extensive and includes Lightly Spiced, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, Mexican Wedges and Caribbean Wedges).


The McCain French Fries includes Curly Fries, Southern Fries, French Fries and Quick Cook French Fries.


McCain Chips (including Rustic Chips)


These product ranges have been approved with immediate effect. During the next year, when the existing packaging is replaced,the SKA logo will appear on these products.

It should be noted that McCain produce, in a special non-certified factory. McCain Gorgeous chips are not approved.

All ingredients, processing aids, emulsifiers, oils and flavours have been thoroughly investigated as well as the plant equipment and fryers.

Bishul Akum is not a problem with these products.